Subway Tile Kitchen Design Ideas

Aug 22nd

Subway tile kitchen is very popular design. Originally it was ceramic. Nowadays, you can find other materials like porcelain, glass, wood, granite etc.. The simplicity of subway tiles has been gaining popularity in many projects of tiles for homes. A wide array of subway tiles for kitchen and bathroom design ideas are offered. You may find different colors and finishes to meet personal preference and need. Each of available subway tiles has different specs.

Do you want to have real modern style? Shiny and elegance of glass subway tiles give quality so large. Reflecting lights is one of abilities of glass tiles. This means great to create small kitchens brighter, vibrant and more airy in atmosphere. Easy to clean is another characteristic of glass tiles! Only use damp cloth!

Other popular colors are white and grey. These two have versatility more than the black one. Modern or traditional or other style can be designed with the colors in an awesome way. Again, you can play with color of your cabinetry to feature beautiful scheme.

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Mostly, subway tiles are used for backsplashes. Best colored subway tile kitchen backsplash can be mixed or matched with cabinetry. Black subway tile kitchen backsplash with white cabinets is a popular one in contemporary style. Black and white colors create amazing contrast. You can get the kitchen unique and splashy with black and white color combination simply.

There are different sizes for example 3″ x 6″, 4″ x 12″ and others. You can find more at Home Depot as one of best subway tile online retailers. To get some more design ideas with subway tiles, Pinterest can be obtained.

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